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News 2019

Construction start for the wind farm „Swatte Poele“ in Germany

29th January 2019

After a development time of 3 years, the obtainment of the approval for the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) in March 2017, and a successful tender participation in February 2018, the preparatory construction measures for the wind farm project Swatte Poele were concluded at the end of the last year, together with our colleagues of Burg Lichtenfels GmbH & Co. KG, so that the construction of the wind farm with a total capacity of 16 MW can be started in the spring of 2019.

A very important step for this was achieved on 21 December. On this day, the financing with Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) was concluded.

news 2019 01 29

The location of the project is near the village Vechtel, in the municipality Bippen in the district of Osnabrück in Lower Saxony. The infrastructural construction measures (construction of access roads and crane sites) as well as the foundation construction will begin in March and will continue into the summer. From July on, the construction and commissioning of the 5 wind turbines of the type Senvion 3.2 M122 with a hub height of 139 meters will begin.

The foundations are prefabricated under controlled conditions and exclude many of the usual construction risks. The design was developed by the company Universelle Fertigteilfundamente GmbH in Hamburg. In addition to the significant benefits of the manufacturing quality of the individual parts and a considerably faster construction time, the prefabricated foundation is also characterized by the fact that it can be completely removed from the ground at the end of the operating time – easily and without great effort.

Another major advantage of the project is the already existing grid infrastructure. In cooperation with the projects Haneberg and Ohrtermersch, which were built 4 km and 7 km away from our site in Vechtel respectively, and went into operation last year, we acquired the necessary land in Fürstenau and jointly planned and built a substation in 2018.


Completion of the wind farm „Mui Dinh“

14th January 2019

After a construction period of approximately one year, the substation, as well as the wind farm „Mui Dinh“ with its 16 turbines, were completed in December 2018.

Großschirma/Mui Dinh. Together with its Vietnamese subsidiary WPV Wind Power Vietnam Co. Ltd., eab New Energy GmbH developed and planned the project over 5 years, and the construction could begin in December 2017.

Now, after a construction period of approximately one year, the wind farm and the substation have been completed, so that the first turbines can now start their successful trial operation.


The wind power project Mui Dinh comprised the construction of 16 wind turbines of the type E-103 of the manufacturer ENERCON with a hub height of 85 m on an area of more than 7.6 ha as well as an own 22/110kV 40 MVA substation.